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Part 2 - Field Guide

Seven Ways to a Better Work Environment

It’s no secret that employee retention is every bit and even more important than customer retention. After all, it’s your employees and your staff that ultimately deliver the customer experience.

In today’s ultra-competitive work environment, treating your employees as you have always treated them may not be enough to keep them from looking for new opportunities.

To create a work environment that fosters a focus on customer satisfaction, try utilizing these seven methods every day.

1. Praise and Recognition. 

Behaviors that get rewarded get repeated, and everyone wants to work for more than just a paycheck. Your best employees need to feel valued in your organization. 

2. Empowerment.

Clearly empower your people to resolve customer issues and problems. Don’t make them run to management every time a customer complains. Have systems and guidelines in place that empower your people to make customer-focused decisions.  

3. Set them up to win.  

Set challenging but realistic goals for every employee and manager. Reward achievement of those goals. Everyone wants to feel like a winner, and people who feel like winners act like winners. 

4. Never scare or embarrass people. 

When reprimand is necessary, do it in private, with recommended solutions rather than threats. Focus on discussing the positive things that can happen if they improve, rather than focusing on the negative repercussions if they don’t improve. 

5. Listen, Listen, Listen.  

Everyone on your staff should be invited to give input on how you can do a better job for your customers, and for them. If they talk about obstacles to their performance or to customer satisfaction, do your best to hear those complaints and provide solutions. 

6. Give clear job descriptions.  

You don’t have to micro-manage when everyone clearly understands what is expected of them. Make sure part of every job description is to “create happy customers”, and always give them the tools they need to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

7. Sell and live your vision.

Let your people know that what they do enriches the lives of others. Every good mission statement clearly outlines what you do to deliver value to your customers. You need to live and deliver your mission statement or vision every day, in every way. 

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