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Part 2 - Field Guide

The Meaningful Message Checklist

This checklist is not absolute, but it will help you create more effective ads that will resonate better with the consumer. This checklist is designed specifically for broadcast (Radio/TV/Video), however, when you apply the majority of the points to other advertising mediums, it too will help you create more effective ads.

Once you have completed the checklist and added up your points, have a conversation with your media rep to make sure you have the best ads possible to ensure an effective campaign.


The Meaningful Message Checklist

Please rank each of your answers to these 15 simple questions:
3 = Absolutely True    2= Somewhat True    1= Not True

1. My ads contain no clichés or meaningless phrases that could cause tune-out or advertising avoidance. _____  

2. My ads do not contain a phone # or a specific address. (i.e., 5411 S. Turner Boulevard) _____   

3.  My ad campaigns have a strategy and use a consistent theme, including the same music, sound effects (audio signature), and same voice(s). _____  

4. My ads are about my customers’ benefits, not me or my products. _____  

5. My ads make no unbelievable or unsubstantiated claims. _____   

6. My opening line or heading appeals to the feelings and emotions of my customers._____  

7. My message is not lost in gimmicks, overpowering visuals, or sound effects. _____  

8. My ads validate or prove any claims made in them. _____  

9. My ads interest or educate the customer about benefits they may not have thought about._____   

10. My ads reflect what customers will experience when we do business…they do not build unrealistic expectations. _____  

11. I’ve informally “tested” my ads with my front-line salespeople to ensure they are saying what I want them to say. _____ 

12. My Advertising Campaigns have enough Repetition. Meaning the ads run often enough and long enough to make them clear and memorable to prospects BEFORE they are in the market for my products. Warning: BUT not too long!  _____  

13. My Advertising Campaigns have the appropriate amount of Reach. _____   

14. My Ads are better than my competitors’ ads? If not, create better ads. _____   

15. My ads ask the recipient to DO something – Call to Action!_____  

Your Total Score:  ______.   

Your goal is to air campaigns that score a minimum of 35 points. Anything less than 25 points and your ad(s) and/or ad campaign should be reevaluated.

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