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Part 2 – Field Guide

Seven Tips to Help Prepare for Business Post-COVID

“Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tip #1: Don’t Lag Behind.  Get a head start by implementing and making changes now. Most business experts say that no business will or should look exactly the same post-COVID as they did prior to COVID. From the way you greet customers, patients, or clients to how you handle the end of a transaction, some things must change to meet the “faster, easier, safer” standards.

Tip #2: Follow the Leaders. Watch intently what the Walmarts, Home Depots, Krogers, and other national chains of the world are doing. Every major business in every category from retail, medical, service, education, and beyond is adjusting. Read your specific trade industry magazines. Many have made considerable investments researching what the future will look like.  Follow their lead!

Tip #3: Accelerate Digital Adoption. Rethink customer journeys and accelerate the development of digital solutions.  Everything from setting appointments, checking-in, touchless payments, shopping online, and returns.

Tip #4:  BOPUS.  Buy On-Line – Pick Up at Store.  Consider implementing this process. As life moves faster, but yet more cautiously, BOPUS is a service many have come to enjoy and appreciate.

Tip #5:  Know Your Customers.  While AI (Artificial Intelligence) is very costly and complex and mainly a game for the mega-corporations, conducting ongoing surveys with your customers and shoppers can provide you with valuable data about “what” they expect.  Use this data to enhance the experience of what your customers, clients, and patients expect.

Tip #6:  Be Transparent About Your Changes. Make sure your customers don't have any issues or feel surprised. Be 100% transparent with them!  Making changes that are expected to enhance the overall experience without informing the public is only half the battle. You are making changes and adjustments to make your business operate smoother and to give your clients, patients, and customers a better experience. You should also tell the world what you have done to attract new customers, clients, and patients.

Tip #7:  Take Advantage of the Opportunity.  While most people aren’t looking to change, they do know what they want and expect. Because of this, they are open to change and will consider it. Take advantage of this opportunity to inform the general public about “how” you are operating.  There are hundreds of people that, if given the right information that matches their expectations, will consider doing business with you!

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